Choose your words carefully

It is challenging to examine our habits in terms of the words we use to express ourselves, but it is also exciting. Language is an area where we can exercise our free will, creating positive change in the world around us by simply choosing carefully the words we use. It may seem like a small thing, but our words have a rippling effect, like a stone thrown in a pond. People naturally pick up on the way other people speak, consciously or unconsciously changing the way they speak in response. We don’t need to actively try to influence people; it happens without our even thinking about it. All we have to do is choose to be more conscious ourselves, putting to rest words and phrases that are outmoded, insensitive, or harmful. We can also exercise our creativity by creating new phrases that carry positive and loving energy to replace the old ones. (excerpt Daily OM)

I’m noticing how stressed out people are in general… with regularity. I had coffee with a friend of mine last weekend. She told me a story about a friend a hers who had a job in the corporate world, in a very successful upper management position. She was in a rocking chair with her adopted newborn in the night, trying to get it to sleep. She suddenly realized she was rocking the baby furiously to get her to quickly fall asleep, saw what she was doing and thought to herself “what am i doing?! treating my baby with this pace, as a to do”…or something like that……anyway….this is the best part…..she picked up the phone, called her boss at the office in the middle of the night on the spot, and quit! I love that….awareness=action. Setting priorities, examining values and taking action. How brave and honest.

Alot of people in my life are examining what they are doing with their life and why. Some are not so courageous to shake things up….to begin anew in some respects, others take it on like new college students. Exploring, experiencing, generating and directing with new visions. It takes something, yes, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is stay where you are.

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