It’s all Love, love. Radical Reliance on Truth.


It’s all Love (capital L—or spirit), coming in being the only way it could….manifesting way we SEE it. Margaret Laird says “Love forms the perfect concept, it doesn’t correct nor reform the old, and this perfect concept is Love itself.” Everything in the language world is a concept. We experience as WE see it. It’s our own living of ourselves. When we are present to that there is permissiveness in our living, in our world, because we are clear who we are.

Our concepts–our idea of what perfection should look like in our lives–is the pitfall. We set ourselves up for a difficult time. The concept is what we see, feel, hear. Let go of the concept! Stay present in the Mind-idea that perfection is functioning. Take no thought in the look….this is good or bad, wrong or right. None of it is caustive. It is all reflection. No matter what you are up to in your life, it is all perfection functioning! I have recently been able to practice letting go of the look and doing what there is to do without judging, assessing, manipulating. When I do life flows right on. This doesn’t mean I’m right and someone or something is wrong, when I hold on the the “problem” of it I make my own problem. I lose perspective. Letting go allows me to look at it differently, and often it disappears or new ways and possiblities open up. Look at the problem I have been making of it! We make the experience. There can’t be ANYTHING that’s not perfect in your world–it doesn’t mean you sit idleing by, or take it…it’s all in your understanding of living science, and of your practicing of living science. It is a discipline, it is a practice. It is letting go of the human picture of it….and walking on. This is SCIENTIFIC METAPHYSICS–the SCIENCE of Being. The human is human because it is Divine!

Margaret Laird says “You may believe that you have a world seperate from the awareness that is you and as long as you believe in the reality of the illusion, you are in for a difficult time. You have no such world.

Love is the capacity to conceive of the divinity of the human race, and Love has no concept of Man as good and evil, love and hate, right or wrong. Love is Truth. It is that which says “Only Good (capital G) is. Love is the Spirit, the Life, meaning the visiblity of Reality.” It comes to view in the only way I can see it for my own growth, my own discovery. You’ll know all is well, standing there. There is nothing to do for another. There is only Being. Standing there the steps will show up for you of what to do–it will be the steps that are calling you into action…they are effective and effortless. It’s not the doing that has it work–it’s the Being that has the steps you take be effective.

The only anguish in it is your belief that it shouldn’t look the way it looks. It’s not the other persons anguish—it is yours.

Who said life is supposed to be comfortable??? When we are in a hospital hooked up to a monitor, the ups and downs are what we want! What is a flat line? Death! But that is what we want as human beings. Life to be a flat line, comfortable…no up and downs. Smooth, easy.

When I come from “there’s something to fix” I am not living myself from the facts of Being. Drop that, let go of that there’s something wrong, the steps of what to do show up.

For more information on scientific metaphysics check out the Institute of Metaphysics at


2 thoughts on “It’s all Love, love. Radical Reliance on Truth.

  1. wow- i feel powerful after reading that. i can hear you saying it and feeling it and living it.

    life is now. all that is relevant is happening at this moment.

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