Going Down the Rabbit Hole


So hard is it to stay detached from the picture of things. How it should be, how it should look, how it should work out. These thoughts running endlessly through my brain, top of mind, sucking energy and vitality like a vampire. I went down the rabbit hole these last six months, further than I’ve ever gone and I’ve learned so much. The truth, the divinity, the love and peace as me. Living my metaphysics….I got it. Well don’t I? Still human (surprise) it’s an everyday practice to live consciously aware. Letting go of attachments to other peoples actions….or non-actions….the picture of how your life should look and how fast it should look like that. We need to get out of our way, let go of the ego and allow life to flow, with all it’s turns and turbulance. Ride it with the knowingness that there are no mistakes…ALL of it is perfection functioning, right here, right now.


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