Trees, Roots, and Suffering. I ask you.


“As a tree with strong uninjured roots, though cut down, grows up again, so, when deep craving is not rooted out, suffering arises again and again.” -Dhammapada

It is so with moving through stuff in your life—really through it. We are faced with opportunities to move through stuff in our lives, confronted with difficult situations, people or challenges that test ourSELF. We either crumble under the strain, limp along, pulling ourselves through until it happens all over again, or we examine our circumstances as opportunities to know ourselves and our connection to all of it. There are no mistakes. Every situation, every person we meet and greet, every step we take…all perfection functioning.

The problem with us human beings, we love to avoid situations that make us uncomfortable or confronted. These are the very opportunities that provide us the most growth…opportunities for us to cut the roots off that supply our always way of being. We wonder why we keep attracting the same relationships in our lives, the same bad jobs or people at work that rub us the wrong way.  We cut them down from above, glad to clean them out by changing relationships, or changing jobs, moving, etc. Soon they grow back, sometimes thicker and denser than before and we wonder why this keeps happening to us. We are the world we walk through!

I invite you to look at your roots. What feeds them? Fear? Greed? Ego? Guilt? Lack of confidence? Self-image? Anger? Resentment? Jealously? Being right? Power? Apathy? Or are your roots Love? Generosity? Empathy? Integrity? Authenticity? Respect?

What do you want from others? A way to get ahead? Have one-up-on? Dominance? Control? or Love? Respect? Awe? Connection? I think we all want the same things in life…all of us across the globe. We want to be visible…we want to be heard like the songbird…..we want to be loved and respected. That’s it—-seen, loved and respected. Think about it.

art:©Kate Pabst 2006. All rights reserved.


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