KP says: (10:05:14)who’s you god i say
KP says: (10:06:41 AM)
is your god money?
KP says: (10:06:43 AM)
KP says: (10:06:45 AM)
KP says: (10:06:47 AM)
CM says: (10:06:49 AM)
CM says: (10:06:53 AM)
you find what you’re looking for
CM says: (10:06:58 AM)
already always listening
KP says: (10:07:01 AM)
you find WHO YOU ARE
CM says: (10:07:10 AM)
CM says: (10:07:23 AM)
say, i heard some new terms the other week and thought i’d share wit hyou
CM says: (10:07:33 AM)
“energy sucker” vs “energy giver”

KP says: (10:07:37AM)
yes, one takes enegy one gives energy
CM says: (10:07:54 AM)
CM says: (10:08:25 AM)
KP says: (10:11:19 AM)
i feel so free
CM says: (10:11:29 AM)
i know you do
KP says: (10:11:33 AM)
and complete
CM says: (10:11:34 AM)
giddy almost
KP says: (10:16:04 AM)
i have found myself in the darkest places
KP says: (10:16:14 AM)
and in those darkest places there was light
KP says: (10:16:33 AM)
no victims
KP says: (10:16:43 AM)
only awareness
KP says: (10:18:25 AM)
another thing
CM says: (10:18:46 AM)
KP says: (10:19:12 AM)
you can tell who someone really is when things are bad–it is the true self
CM says: (10:19:37 AM)
yes, you’ve said that before
KP says: (10:19:38 AM)
the true measure of oneself.  we are the world we walk through


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