Paris Hilton WTF?

I mean REALLY? Front page? Anywhere in the paper for that matter. We are in a war costing more than what it would take to solve health care AND education funding in months…and PARIS HILTON? REALLY? NYTimes/National Enquirer FRONT PAGE. Now THAT got my blood pumping this morning.

And the look of the “fans” in this pic…..excited WHY? Please–somebody tell me what I’m missing. Is this news? Is this a person who is contributing to the wellness of the planet? An idol? Mentor? Role model? Does she have an education? What does she DO with all that privilege….wealth..spotlight. Pleeeeze people—we can do better. Give me Maya Angelou….Ann Richards….Molly Ivans….Madeline Albright….Helen Thomas. PEEEEEOOOOOOPPPPLE–WAKE UP!


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