Dead End: Endings are New Beginnings


Trust. The way it looks in not the way it is…you know more than you think you do. Trust your intuition and stay true to youself. Treat others like you’d like to be treated and dance like nobody’s watching …because nobody is. Follow what pulls you in life, not what pushes you, knowing the universe, if you let it, will grab you by the hand. Actually, it will whether you let it or not. Hang on tight for dead endings are new beginnings. The bang bang boogie picks you up when you can find the legs to do it yourself and carries you with a smile, laying you down barefoot on soft grass. One foot in front of the other you pedal your vintage bike, sun on your cheeks, sweating like a kid again–for all the right reasons. And you are free.

Margaret Laird used to say everyday is a new beginning. Everyday is the world made new.


2 thoughts on “Dead End: Endings are New Beginnings

  1. i feel compelled to cry after reading that. it is so moving. when i saw your widtw, i mentioned that picture was somewhat depressing.

    but now i don’t feel that way at all. in fact, i feel very introspective. again- “what the f*** am i doing!?” is coming to mind.

    it’s all becoming more clear.

    again- thank you for the bike ride. it was so perfect.

    love ya,

  2. AWESOME! me too….biking is the new carpooling. Don’t forget to pull over and take the time to take pictures. Don’t just smell the roses. SEE the roses.

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