Seeing your own Being

Margaret Laird said “The human is human because it is Divine”. “The will to die is the will to live. Nobody dies that doesn’t have the will to die… ready for a new level of belief”. It is the same in Mind-action. The will to let die, let’s born another. Jobs, relatonships, life experience etc. and I find myself complete in my clarity. Fearless and grounded in the unknowing that was once not so long ago, unmoving…. I breathe in the possibility of those unknown futures, old soul relationships to meet again and I am alive. I am alive with the world moving through me, not I moving through it. Sourcing and serving, serving and sourcing.

The tears met are my homecoming, yet I am realizing I have never left. I die my birth, savoring the moments the wind blows through me and of me… invisible whisper, kissing the planet while I am here.

-Kate Pabst


I am the uni-verse.


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