Today I met Jeanne-Claude and Christo

I don’t mean to brag but Jeanne-Claude touched my headphones in Salida Colorado. What an AMAZING duo those two. So warm and present. Authentic to the core. I have always admired their works of art. So fluid, so emense, so beautiful. They completely define passion, love, commitment, respect and vision. Experts at enrollment and relating, I now think maybe the real art of their work—no less important—is the years— and decades in some cases— it takes to have a project realized. 19 projects realized at 72 years of age. 37 failures. 37. Money spent, emense energy and a vision—trying to enroll goverments for permits and it’s citizens to step outside of what they think they know about art and about their environment. Looking at the world around them, a world most have thought they have really seen a million times, everyday, in a different way. The scale is emense. The beauty even bigger. The two artist tirelessly give themselves to their projects, self-fund and provide a look at the world for us that takes my breath away, capturing the fluid gentle whispers of the breezes they share. I am better for having met them and shared my uninterrupted minutes in conversation with them.


2 thoughts on “Today I met Jeanne-Claude and Christo

  1. they really are amazing artists. I can’t wait to see the arkansas river project.

    i can only imagine how fantastic that meeting must’ve been.


  2. Let’s hope it goes through. It’s slated for 2011 (at the earliest). The locals aren’t fond of it yet few of them ask questions even when thewy had the opportunity. Christo and Jeanne-Claude spend an enormous amount of money–their own—getting intensely detailed environment impact studies done. I saw the sketches of the project. It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The thing about those two. No matter how much their projects are opposed by locals, after the project is realized, nobody hasn’t been completely, positively shifted for the better, after experiencing it.

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