I am the alien


I was wondering. Why don’t ducks move to the country from the city? After all they can fly. Nobody is making them live in a neigborhood they could afford…..saving, planning, hoping, saving more, dreaming, playing the lottery…imagining ourselves overlooking wide open spaces, trees, fresh air, water, sunshine. What keeps the ducks in city parks, subdivisions and golf courses? Sharing their home with runoff toxins, too many people and gas sucking SUV’s?

If I had wings I would surely be a frequent flier.

Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota 


2 thoughts on “I am the alien

  1. what makes us stay in a place? we as humans have free will but what about animals? birds? Have we influenced birds? Maybe they don’t even think it as a possibility…why? the grass is not always greener in their world?

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