The song remains the same


the Universe

tempts and prods me.

what to do

when to do

how to do.

i smile not knowing, .yet the knowing. the song remains the same but i hear it differently. i HEAR it differently. my head pounds with a three day headache…….and a three headache day.

sun sneaks out in the cold wind when the last snowflakes blow across the street. a reminder of it’s grip that sends my shoulders back up to my ear lobes. protecting my vulnerable neck that days ago was warmed by the same sun. my vulnerable neck… neck.

ah the unpredictability of spring. looking out over my sink i see the tulips have broken ground and the buds meet the sky on thew lilac trees. the cardnials boast and I look around at the new nests this year protecting it’s unborn. the snow swirls and white powder covers the dirt. boots for a few more days….long sleeves even more.

my head pounds with a three day headache….three headaches a day.


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