What I overheard this morning in a coffee shop

This morning at a Dunn Bros coffee shop in Minneapolis, I happened to witness quite an exchange between 2 groups of people. However, neither group knew they were interacting inside my head.

Group A was 4 men between the ages of  65-80 and 1 woman in her mid-late 30s. Right off that seemed strange. The topics of their conversation involved String Theory and poetry among other things (“sister screwing” was overheard at one point).

Group B was 1 man in his early 40s dressed in a Nordic sweater wearing a stocking cap. He was sitting at a table not too far away from Group A while working on his laptop. The only thing I heard out of his mouth was “Fu**.” Randomly stated.

I think the following transcript pretty much sums up my experience:

Group A woman: “I would like to secure my identity in this galaxy.”

Group B  man: “Fu**.”

Group A man: “That’s why you have to kiss so many frogs to find a prince.”

Group B man: “Fu**.”

Check this site out for more hilarious things overheard in Minneapolis.


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