A Procrastinator’s Work is Never Done


I’ve been thinking about this all week and see how much I subscribe to the language world as a way to not take responsibility for the actions I am taking (or in the case of procrastination, not taking). As a creative. especially, I have been living fully expressed in the world of the seen, heard and felt…the world of language, concepts and views. The world all of us live in to descibe the way the world occurs for us. “This is hard…I don’t like that….I don’t know how…..she’s after me…..I can’t do anything right….I’ll do it tomorrow….there’s not enough time..he can’t do anything right…I can’t win with him…I’m too old..I’m too young…too tall….etc.”

We are consumed by distractions, attached to cell phones, ipods, television, blogs and emails there is little time to be still. It’s so interesting that with the technology we have today to keep connected, people feel more detached than they ever have before. What is that?

Multi-tasking does not have the energy it used to. It mostly occurs like I am not fully conscious or present to ANYTHING. My inner voice is a scream in the middle of the night between the mental tennis my brain plays reacting to what I haven’t done, or haven’t done right, or need to do. The lack, the fear, the frustrations.
Distractions are an attachment to a sensory-driven life. My senses are in charge of my reality rather than having them be something that language rises out of being present. We are inindated with data, information and noise, more and more, faster and faster. Never enough. You can have that yesterday or you will die. The brain processs an unbelievable, non-stop amount of information every moment. We hold on to our technology as if it were a security blanket, telling us we are not alone. There is little time or effort on Self-reflection (and a don’t mean a day at the spa).

I have been awakened. Grabbed by the universe and shook. Language has no staying power, it doesn’t make a diffence, it doesn’t fix or change anything. It is just a view, a concept, a look that appears, disappears and reappears. It has no power other than how I live it. If I let it, attaching to the view, it dominates me.

[Photo:Kate Pabst. All rights reserved.]

2 thoughts on “A Procrastinator’s Work is Never Done

  1. Yes, better to act and keep our mouthes shut, I think. Also, there’s the whole issue of “speaking without thinking” … always dangerous. Except that, since most people are used to just shooting off, they often misinterpret it if they’re confronted with someone who pauses to order their thoughts and organize their words before they say something. (I know this is true because I’ve often been accused of not answering when I was simply thinking about what I wanted to say so I didn’t just resort to useless, mean-spirited reactions to situations that accomplished nothing.)

    Glad I’m not the only one seeing and commenting on informational overload.

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