Be Still


Be still the universe is telling me.

This great pause that makes me think too much, want too much, wiggle too much, talk too much, sleep too little. There’s a rock in my shoe waking me up with every step. Be still and see the gifts the universe is providing me to become. Walk on, explore, test and be loving. There are no mistakes, there is no doing, there is only Being.

Allow the stillness of the winter to fill my soul.  The ice will melt and and all springs to life anew. Enjoy the solitude. Soak it up….seek it.


6 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. This is a wonderful post.

    Universe speaks to all in the same manner; Be Still!!!

    Good that the Universe spoke to you, & further good that you LISTENED & are ACTING on it!

    Yes I do agree with you when you share the words from my Heart “… there is only Being.”

    Love to read more of YOU 🙂

    Lots of
    Love & Light

  2. Great to see this right around this time of year. I never understood the attraction of the big New Year’s party in Times Square in New York. I’d rather ask for mindful living in the moment ahead, close my eyes, and go to sleep!

  3. Here’s what I do every New Year’s day. I invite a small group of good friends over to my house and put the piles of magazines on the table, lay out the glue sticks, scissors and poster board. We spend the day making collages of what we will be creating for ourselves in the coming year. It’s a powerful way to start the new year in the midst of your community. It also provides a visual for you to look upon throughout the year. Law of attraction. Best of all, we look back on thhe previous year’s collage and realize how much we accomplished throughout the year. It is my favorite part of the holidays. What will you create for 2007? Be specific and be authentic.

  4. Is there any better, or easier blog software out there than this? i need something php based that doesnt kill MySQL. Any techie types on this thread that can point me in the right direction?

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