The Gift of Sincerity


Right now it’s is easy to feel scattered and overwhelmed. We may feel obligated to send cards, buy gifts, bake sweets, host parties, or give hostess gifts. But there is no need to feel any obligation when we commit to being our best selves as fully and sincerely as we can. Because then we are already giving the best and most precious gift we have to offer: our presence.

At any gathering, we each bring our own unique light to the party. When we think back on pleasant memories of events in our own past, we recall the fun and love that was shared, or the moments that touched us far more than anything else. A sense of obligation rarely brings out the joy within or moves us in any meaningful way. So as we walk through the holiday season, let’s choose to only give what we can give joyfully, lovingly, and sincerely—whether the gift is a smile, a compliment, a handmade card, or friendship. Once out from under the ‘should’s, we will be free to share the love and kindness we sincerely feel with those who we truly value—from the mailman to our nearest and dearest.

Each gift we give and card we send carries the energy of our intention. If we are not giving from a true desire to share, it’s loss of time and energy that could be better spent by sharing life’s best gifts: love and joy. When we live each moment to the best of our abilities, then every second becomes a gift shared with the universe. Our positive choices have a ripple effect, touching those near and far, friends and strangers. In that way, sharing the light of our beautiful and unique presence becomes the best present we could possibly give, to ourselves and everyone else.

[Source: Daily OM  Photo: Kate Pabst ]


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