Dressed Like Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things


The Gods are bumping into you in the street.


3 thoughts on “Dressed Like Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things

  1. I’ve seen old souls among us. We look at one another with deep familiarity. We are dressed like everyday people doing everyday things. We are mostly un-noticed as we walk through life, observing, bumping up against, soaking it in. Loving, laughing, living. Struggling, mirroring, learning. We are one you and I. Here to help one another see the divinity of ourselves reflecting back at us in the language of the seen, heard and felt. I grow you in my world to teach me Being.

  2. Hi,

    I wish more people would take the time to really “see” each other and take notice of what they’re looking at. We’re all too often stuck in the “How are you?” … “Fine,” … move on to our next thing mode. Thanks for the reminder to look around!

  3. Yes! and in seeing others we see out true selves. most people walk through their days numb to the life they walk through. I am moved to tears so often by those old souls around us. Whether they are sweeping floors, waiting for buses, catching an elevator. Those smiles run deep and true, transending space and time.

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