I Don’t Have Time for a Phase


Source: Art © Kate Pabst 2006

I heard someone yesterday say “I hope it’s just a phase I’m going through.”

I was thinking, as I awoke this morning, that I haven’t heard myself say that in 10 years and how strange THAT is. It really got me thinking about it. Do I (and by I, I mean we) not allow myself “phases” anymore? Have I become such a critic of myself that I don’t allow myself the time to move through, be with, learn, and explore, all the experiences in life, as small as they are, without judging and disallowing mistakes, failures and lessons? Have I become so demanding of myself that I want to know, achieve, understand, have and relay things instantly, ……and if I don’t, or can’t, I feel frustrated? What happen to the patience I used to allow for phases? A relationship to time that has shifted with experience I suppose.

Maybe it’s just a phase.


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