Allowance is not for Candy (but it IS sweet)

Allowance may be the toughest thing to accept. As human beings we are so caught up in the look of things and the look most often does not fit our pictures….we wiggle, suffer, try to change the look and try some more. It is difficult to allow the look to be and stay in the moment without resistance. I know for me when I allow the world to show up as it does and walk on I feel peace, love and joy…and a profound connection to all. And it’s changing and challenging all the time. Like the beat of a drum, there is a rhythm. The pace may quicken and seem chaotic like some jazz fusion interlude (both perceivably up AND to the same degree down), but trust that it will return. We cannot get attached to the false highs anymore than we can attach to the lows. We live in a paradox—the degree to which we experience the highs we also experience that lows. It is the principal of life….all perfect. All whole….and complete. Staying unattached to the picture will allow us to move through life with a completely different experience.

Talk well of each other…be FOR those struggling to express themselves, their way. The world seems to be less and less tolerate of differences…as if individuals are waiting for mistakes as a way to write each other off. Celebrate one another–we need the differences to discover who we are and coax those voices within us out to play. Be kind, be open, be generous. Respect and acknowledge one other for all they bring to the planet. We have opportunities every moment to choose who we will be and what we will say. Be a stand to pull someone up rather than knocking them down. We are all one you and I…I am you and you I. That is why we react to those things we see in others we hate about ourselves……or love. We ARE the world we walk through as Wayne Dyer so wonderfully stated, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” I would say it like this “When you change the way you see things you will change the things you see.”


One thought on “Allowance is not for Candy (but it IS sweet)

  1. (((Seeing))) As a huge fan myself of both Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie, I’m learning to accept….to accept What Is…and you are so right! The peace, joy and love that unconditional acceptance brings is amazing. It opens the eyes to unexpected blessings, opportunities, and miracles. Letting Go of my need to make everything the way I want it to be, or to turn out, seems to open others up as well.
    LOVELY post and a great way to start my morning.

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