Happy Thanksgiving

If you are seeking you will never find what you are looking for. Just BE.


I am grateful for the fresh air, sunshine, season, the trees that give us life and teach us wisdom. I am grateful for my friends who have taught me so much and share so much with me. I am grateful for the mentors I’ve had in my life, especially Chris Voelz…who made such a profound difference in my life at the most crucial juncture, and Betty Albee, who continues to mentor, teach, impact and play with me. I am thankful for my family who I am learning more and more about all the time…teaching me essential lessons. I am thankful for my dog Izzie who got abandoned or ran away from home in the Southwest to transplant to Minnesota and make my furry friend life full again after losing my dog of 18years 8 month prior. (I swore I would never get another dog and go through the unbelievable pain of losing them ever again.) …and who knew a dog could have a sense of humor. Izzie does.

I am thankful to be healthy and to have access to wonderful healers who guide and support me through life. I am thankful to have a warm home, food, and a job. Live in such a beautiful part of the country, have the right to choose and vote.

I am thankful for all those people who never even knew what a profund difference they were making for be by being themselves, fullly expressed, sharing their stories, talents,  time, comments, music, meals, smiles and kindnesses with me. I will never ever forget who you are. I AM GRATEFUL.



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