Carpooling and Blogging

An experiment really..this blogging thing. Not an experiment but school. Not school really but a playground. Yeah, a playground. I’m addicted to immersing myself in experiences like a kid on a ride. Enjoying the tossing and turning and pleasant surprises along the way. Now let’s get to the carpooling part….a friend and coworker (who is a very old soul) take turns driving to work each day. I look forward to those drives and find myself wishing we lived a bit farther from work. We have amazing conversations that at times feel like we are on a ride–building speed, turning, spinning, pausing, screaming, clapping and laughing before the ride comes to a stop. Like 2 pals on the phone with each other after school….”wait…what was i gonna tell you…crap, i forgot…wait…” We end the rounds of conversations with “I love us” laughing…expanded. I am better for knowing her.

Where do you car pool in your life? Do you take time to talk to people…REALLY TALK? The ride of conversation is the best ride. It’s here we discover others and ourselves in others. Ride On my carpooling co-working mind-expanding friend. Ride on.


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