Who Am I? And What’s Going On?


Who am I?

If my answer is “I am Seeing (name)”…I am in the language world. Acknowledge this presence of Divine Mind that I am, I have freedom from the picture. We write our own script ALWAYS. If there isn’t joy to see the old disappear, there is attachment. It must show up as a problem or I won’t let it go! I set up my own requirements and I can’t leave the basis of belief unless I can leave it alone.

It is all my Being in the world I walk through. Who I am is all of it–whole and complete…nothing lacking. My self-perception has it be one way or another for me. Language is not causitive. When I deal with myself as a 2 legged animal I am already on the short end of the stick. If I live my life as a 2 legged animal. I may get what I want, but my life won’t be satisfied or fulfilling.

The only thing the language tells me is that I Consciously Am. How do I know? I am here, living, breathing. DOING something (the way it looks, the done coming into view) won’t get me anywhere. It’s BEing.

You are shaping your experience when you use excuses for what you are doing. We as human beings, 2 legged animals, live in the paradox right/wrong, good/bad, etc…always trying to slide the look to a comfortable place. As long as we live like this is real, we are trapped.


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