What is Real? Reality vs Concept

We dont’ see life as IT is, we see it as WE are. I live it from where I am in my own self view.

What’s going on is real (reality). What isn’t real is what my view is. There is no view except in the language world. We, through language, create the filters that alter the reality. The thing we are looking at is real. It’s our concept that’s not real. My experience is the only thing that exists for me. The concept is not real, it’s my view of what’s real, MY world.

It is unconscious living that gives me problems. If I am living an unconscious life I will be given problems to work. When I know who i am I have it all. When I buy into the view I will have struggles. Leave it along and don’t try to fix it. Reactions are discomfort of some kind alerting us to wake up. If there is no value for me it diappears. How I am living myself that the world presents this picture for me and my experience is the only thing that exists for me.
The concept is not real, it is my view of what’s real, my world. All perceptions are abstractions that are apart reality. They are our concept of what we are looking at, it is not real. What’s present is real, but our view given by language has no substance, no staying power. It has no capacity to cause. Life is not static, so language is not static. When we hang on to the picture we are in trouble. All language is a view of reality. Walk on, leave alone appearances.

When we avoid something it dominates us. We take ourselves with us where ever we go.


5 thoughts on “What is Real? Reality vs Concept

  1. VERY powerful, seeing !

    What isn’t real is my view of reality. I know this. This is why I can spend so much time writing stuff that I imagine, hence spend so much time in the world of language and not despair that I am doing something “unreal”. It isn’t more or less real than my view of reality when my pen is down or when I am away from the keyboard, experiencing other things. Lacan says we are made of 3 kinds of “stuff” : imaginary (I am caught with an image of myself, of which the harmony/coherence is purely mind-made, as I am perceived by me and perceived by others), symbolic (in the world of language, “belonging to” words describing me & my feelings, my name, what people say about me…), and finally real (whatever is not imaginary nor symbolic is real…).

    I am consciousness, seeing, but I am more than that. I am quite surprised to see how little I change over DARN LONG periods of time. It’s not from a lack of detachment I think… Or maybe it is, but it would be spiritual “hanging on” if you will, other than mere habit and conditioning.

    Thank you for this great blog! I dig it!

  2. Hi Regardingchill–
    Awesome response!
    Consciousness is all there is… it is all of it. We can’t be more than all. The Consciousness I am talking about here is the all of it, whole and complete with no lack.
    Consciousness is like the air we breathe. We can’t see it but we know it’s there, how? Because WE exist. We live!

    There is also Being conscious. Like I am awake and aware of a view. I am conscious of the beauty around me for example when I see it and distinquish it.

    What do you think?

  3. Maybe this better describes what I’m trying to communicate:
    I recommend the book Government is Self Government by Margaret Laird. I am reading it now. You can buy it from the Institute of Metaphysical Science:

    Here’s a brief description: (my comments are in parenthesis)

    Margaret Laird clarifies the fact that all of one’s human living happens because we are continually creating it from our own Consciousness (and Consciousness here is all there is–it is the ALL…always present. It gives us our BEING). This Consciousness is infinitely more than a human capacity to be aware (which is what most people mean when they refer to consciousness).

    Friends, foes, circumstances, illness, health, chaos and anarchy all exist for the self-recognition of this Consciousness (and it apprears in LANGUAGE).

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