Metaphysics and Globalization


This weekend I am attending a seminar called the Metaphysics and Globalization with the Institute of Metaphysical Science in La Jolla, California, given by Betty Albee.

Here are the notes I’m taking so far to share:

We are the world we walk through. The way it LOOKS is not the way it is, but the way it looks is the most educational way I can see it. You always grow in your experience EXACTLY what you need. Live yourself divinely—without attachment to the picture. there is nothing to fix, heal, change. Living myself divinely encompasses all of it……I am whole and complete right now.

Divine Being, looking like humanity, seeing the only way I can see it. Divine Being showing up in language –it’s whole regardless of how I see it. I live as the human paradox…..wrong/right, healthy/sick, moral/immoral…all of it is right there. It’s all one Being looking like humanity. The more that I cannot have that be seperate….oneness of Being, looking as it looks, gives me freedom. The more I let it be, the more freedom I have.

As perception shifts, so goes the world we walk through. If I’m at odds with my world, my world will be at odds with me.

AS I GO SO GOES MY WORLD. Reality and perception is always present. One thing going on, whole and prefect. When I have a sense of lack, that’s red flag that I am living my life with a gap.

We either live life with a core (connected) or a gap (not connected). When gaps occur we have poverty, terrorism, depression, mental illness, etc. This is incredibly pertinent to this globalization discourse.

For more info on Scientific Metaphysics look here


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