Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Lyne Truss would be cringing, as I am, seeing this sign at a gas station in San Diego, California.


No–not the stop/go thing…altho that’s what first caught my attention. I’m talking missuse of quotations . I can’t believe how often I have seen this missuse of quotations. Produce departments with signs that say in quotations “brocolli”.

Who exactly is being quoted. Shouldn’t it say “brocolli” by John the Grocer?

Here then is my point of the photo I’ve posted…….”let’s just go” . Who is being quoted? Shouldn’t it say:

“let’s just go” –the people in the car


2 thoughts on “Eats, Shoots & Leaves

  1. I am guessing that it is pretty obvious to most people who is being quoted in that picture and so they didn’t actually have to label it, although it is still proper use of quotes since someone is being quoted. No one is being quoted in the case of “‘Brocolli'” (a.k.a “Broccoli”) so that is indeed incorrect.

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