The Safe and Secure Life

by Betty Albee
Human beings seek safety and security in daily living, freedom in thought and action, and integrity and trustworthiness in relationships with their fellow man. These desirable qualities of life seem within reach in our western society and we intuitively expect them because freedom, integrity and trustworthiness characterize reality and are inherent in every individual.

Whenever we forget who we are, at a basic level we yield our autonomy to appearances—to what we see, hear and feel—the language arena. We believe we are the image seen in the mirror. When we allow the human condition to inform us who we are and what’s going on, we consent to a division between ourselves and our world of others.

Whatever divides conquers. Safety and security are never issues to oneness. Scientific Metaphysics teaches that the conscious human individual, living himself responsibly, is forever practicing oneness by discerning the spiritual facts of everything confronting him. Appearances, views of reality, are not separate from the allness of Being—the Being being itself being constituting his very own presence.

Recalling a book entitled Mr God, This is Anna. I am reminded of the account of a 5 year old little girl asking her friend, “Where are you?” He replied, “I am here.” She then asked, “Where is me?” He answered, “You are there.” She said, “Oh, that isn’t right!” After a moment she asked, “Where do you know that I’m there?” Exactly! Knowing is a function of consciousness. Where do we know anything? We live our world in/as conciousness so we live the world here where we consciously exist, never there as something separate.

Problems and their solutions begin right where we live, our conscious awareness—conscious Being. Nothing exists external to Consciousness. Living oneself consciously aware has you intuitively “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule works because oneness is the inherent constitution of Being.

This Rule precedes and embraces your daily living including whatever activities the day unfolds. “The human is human because it is divine, and not human for the same reason.” (Margaret Laird)


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