Stand Up Against Poverty

Big news! The Millennium Campaign is coordinating a worldwide effort to draw attention to the Millennium Development Goals by working with the Guinness World Records people to establish a new world-record category: number of people standing up against poverty in a 24-your period, which will be October 15 locally. You can see what is being planned around the globe by going to <> /

One of the headline events will be at Time Square in New York City, described as follows:

For the first time in history, Time Squares famous New Years Eve crystal Ball will make a non-New Years Eve appearance in an unprecedented event to support the UN Millennium Campaigns Stand Up Against Poverty challenge. The Ball will be raised and with it thousands of people will physically Stand Up and be counted in support of poverty eradication. The event will be the centerpiece of a global day of action in over 100 countries to set a Guinness World Record for the most number of people to Stand Up against poverty in 24 hours!

View videos .

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