If you can’t share, then what’s the point?

The other day I was grocery shopping at my local co-op when I rounded the bend and started to look at the cheese selection. Normally I pick the usual chevre, but that day was one where I was looking for something new to try.

As I walked up to the cheese, I noticed a late 20-something man looking at the fetas and mozzarellas. I remembered him because he looked exactly like a friend of mine. He walked away within seconds.

I started looking at some of the imported sheep’s milk cheeses when I noticed this same man walking back to the cheese. I was totally in the way with my basket on the floor, so I said, “Sorry, I’ll move out of your way since I’m just taking up a ton of space.” He said, “No worries,” and he continued to look at the fetas – this time more intently.

I realized he was having a hard time deciding which one to pick, so I offered:

Me: “Are you looking for a good feta?”

Him: “Yeah – just something to eat with some bread.”

Me: “Oh! Well, you’ve GOT to try this Isreali feta. It’s incredible and it’s almost spreadable.”

He picked it up and looked at it.

Him: “Thanks, it sounds pretty good.”

Me: “You’ll love it. It’s excellent.”

I started looking at the cheeses again, when I thought – I’ve got just the cheese for him! I reached over and grabbed a package of Cypress Grove Purple Haze goat cheese.

Me: “You’ll really like this one too. It’s made with lavender and fennel.”

Him: “Lavender and fennel? Wow, that does sound good.”

I walked away with my cheese and he ended up with both of the two I recommended.

Now. I don’t work for that coop, but he took a chance trusting my opinion. I was a stranger, but I was SO lucky that a complete stranger took me up on my willingness to share something so good that I can’t keep it all to myself.

What’s the point of enjoying something if you can’t share it? I realized years ago that the best music I listen to is because of my friends and how much they love to share music. It’s the same with food. It’s impossible to not share something as tactile and enjoyable as food.

So go out there and share away!


One thought on “If you can’t share, then what’s the point?

  1. I love that! Those moments make us all feel connected, don’t they? Nothing I have I got on my own…music, food, entertainment…all of it has been a gift from someone. Share indeed!

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