Blogging can get you killed

Well maybe not blogging, ok, and maybe not killed, but taking photos you are putting on a blog while sitting behind people with weird bumper stickers.
My flash accidently went off as I sat at a stoplight taking a picture of a bumper sticker in front of me, making this guy VERY nervous. As we started trough the light he pulled over to the side of the street and I knew he was going to follow me. I looked in my rear view mirrior and sure enough as I passed he pulled out to follow me. I was a block from home and suddenly there were 15 cars on te narrow side street negotiating passing each other. Rather than lead this guy to my house I kept driving straight past my house, gassed it and caught the light green. I looked in my rear view mirror to see him stuck behind a stopped car trying to pass another in the opposite direction. A lovely lovely logjam.

I turned left, in the opposite direction of my house and bolted down the alley losing my tail. A Movie Moment. Here’s the picture and
MY ORIGINAL POINT—what the HELL does THIS bumper sticker mean? (Love the Friendly Chevrolet sticker too–nice juxtoposition)


2 thoughts on “Blogging can get you killed

  1. The bumper stick “say your prayers before they are said for you” means….
    that you need to find God before you die – many people discover God through prayer.

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