I was thinking

If I was a kid growing up right now–what would my saturday look like?

Here’s what it DID look like then:

1. Get up

2. Dust or vacuum. My brother and I alternated weeks but we had a shag carpet AND a glass 2 tier coffee table so neither was easy.

3. Get outside as fast as possible.

Once outside we played pickup games (and I mean the sports kind). Baseball and basketball mostly and pretend games like cops and robbers, house, circus, batman and robin or spy dramas. I don’t remember even stopping to eat. We made up games with a tennis ball and a driveway line for a net. We made forts, rode our bikes alot through empty prairie lots that we abundant at the time and didn’t see our parents until the sun went down. OK once in a while I’d watch my dad working on our old Chevy, help him change the plugs and fetch him yet another beer from the basement fridge, sipping all the way up the stair and out.

Here’s what I image it’d be like for me now:

1. get up and start playng with my gameboy on my bed. It’s 11:00 when I get up because I was up all night on the computer.

2. Answer the ding on my computer im and start iming my friends for the next 2 hours.

3. My mom drives me to soccer practice.

4. Come home turn on the tv and grab my game boy for another game before dinner.

5. After dinner I go upstairs and get on my computer when I stay until 11 pm.

I’m glad I grew up when I did.

Here’s a picture of a lot I took this morning walking. There was a sign that said “Prairie restoration. Do not mow or spray” This looked (albeit it was VERY tiny here) like the lots I’d play in. Bike trails worn in it from us. Ramps build with dirt and lots and lots of butterflies. We didn’t have to go to a state fair to see them.


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