Emergency Feed

Emergency FeedI noticed this on the paper towel dispenser in the public restroom at work a few weeks ago. I had been using this dispenser for at least 6 months before I realized what it said:

This post could easily have been posted to Movie Moment: imagine the “emergency” someone encountered that made it necessary to put this on a paper towel dispenser.

How long does it take to see the details of something as banal as a paper towel dispenser? We look at these objects everyday and think nothing of them – let alone expect nothing of them outside of what we assume is there. What else have we been overlooking?

Since noticing this statement on the paper towel dispenser at work, I’ve since noticed it on other paper towel dispensers. It’s the Bader Meinhof effect (e.g. when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see it everywhere).

Isn’t it interesting what we choose to see and not see?




One thought on “Emergency Feed

  1. While reading your blog on your getting the Bader-Meinhof effect from reading the paper towel roll dispenser, I had the very, very weird experience of having my own Bader-Meinhof effect in tandem. A couple weeks ago I had decided to study and learn Spanish language, and had been thinking about buying CDs or DVDs. The next week I came across a brand new box of Spanish language DVD’s at a local second-hand store. OK, maybe it was “The Law of Attraction” aka “The Secret” (movie). And so, a few days ago, I’m sitting in the ladies room stall of a public restroom on another shopping trip and start reading the toilet paper dispenser because it is written in Spanish, something to the effect to slide the panel for the new roll of wipes. And, today, re-reading a post at the Shangri-La Diet forums where a member noted the Bader-Meinhof effect, I Google the term, and find your post on the phenomena, and your reading roll. It must be just one of those synchronetic days.

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