Using Spirituality to Sell Products OR the Dalai Lama a Cubs Fan?

And I do mean spirituality, not religion. This has been a trend in advertising. Use the likeness of Buddist Monks to hawk your crap as some kind of divine truth in advertising. Does anyone buy this? Would the people who actually KNOW what a Buddhist Monk is think “WOW. I must have this cell phone to be really enlightened”. Is a direct call to the higher power covered in my minutes? A connection to the secrets of life? Gimme a break people. What’s next? the Dalai Lama cracking open a bottle of light beer with a dopey Hooters breast implant model over his shoulder. Jesus Saves but the Dalai Lama drinks Lite. A new low-high. I love how them jam in the baseball theme triple play as long as they’re at it. Just in case the jocks miss the point of the orange robe. There’s always the baseball anology to fall back on.

Wassamatter guys, running outta ideas? T and A losing it’s lift? Can’t do better?
Leave the Buddist Monks alone. There’s plenty of women you can go on exploiting…that’s seems easy enough for you.
Outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago.


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