The Manpose

Today I got to see the tail end of a fire in Uptown. I love watching the strategy–performance art of sorts– of firefighters. I missed most of it. By the time I arrived the second shift was taking over for the original crew 17 to rip open the roof. A huge truck parked in front of the building with a massive antenna climbing up to the sky with some contraption on top of it that look like some communication device. It looked like the ESPN command central truck parked in front of stadium. Ocassionally the door would open and the fire chief would emerge, whispering directives and pointing to the remaining firefighters on the street. Then she would disappear into command center. Has firefighting gone high tech? OK–LET”S TALK ABOUT THE MANPOSE

An interesting thing. The aftermath…well maybe duringmath too. The Manpose. Usually, but not always, happens outdoors. Two men are standing talking to one another. The both face out in the same direction, arms crossed (see figure 1 below) or in pockets, feet spread a distance apart for optimum balance. The glance at one another once in a while just to make sure the other didn’t leave the conversation..or it may be courtesy. The rule of course is NEVER FACE ONE ANOTHER. Nod ocassionally. I think this guy was breaking the rule by making long eye contact because he was hard of hearing and reading lips.

I was in Venice and the same thing happened with two guys talking facing a arms crossed, the other, hands in pocket. I imaganed them talking about…what’s under the hood?? Truly international….THE MANPOSE.


One thought on “The Manpose

  1. Hahaha! The Manpose. I love it. I’m so glad you got to see part of that fire. It was CRAZY! After I got home, I kept thinking, “why are there so many cars driving down my street?” Then a firetruck came blazing down the street. 3 minutes later, another firetruck came blazing down my street. Daniel called and we went out to take a look. Smoke was billowing everywhere.

    That’s when I said, “Damn. I really do need a camera. My cell phone just isn’t cutting it.”

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