Flue is Fly

Sometimes it feels so good to forget the cell phone at home and sit in the rush hour drive home in delicious silence….ok, so maybe a few minutes of Air America.

Gave shoe designer John Fluevog a ride to his hotel Saturday night…and saw his underwear. Ok, so it was the designer underwear he just bought at an art opening…and it wasn’t ON him…but it was cool anyway. I own at least 20 pairs of his shoes so it was cool talking to him and finding out he’s the real deal, just like his shoes. Good juju and is a fellow believer that we are indeed the world we walk though. Nice to know people running large successful commercial business’ are so authentic and passionate about what they do…after all these years. He still designs them all himself. Felt like I’ve know him forever–he’s like that. Strange how that happens. Nah, not strange at all. Rare, but not strange.
Sweet. Go put some on your feet…angels.
©kate pabst 2006. all rights reserved.

Of course I was wearing my super fly white Fluevogs.


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