The day George W. Bush allegedly got re-elected

There are events we all share. Those events that each one of us can tell exactly where we were when they happen, exactly what we were doing at the moment when the air stood still. And what we were thinking.

The day JFK was shot, the day Elvis died, the Challenger explosion, 911, and the day George W. Bush alleged re-elected. It defined us and made us see how much we were all connected.

The day George W. Bush allegedly got re-elected nobody was breathing. A couple came to my door to pick up a piece of art their purchased from a recent show of mine. Strangers, we silently stood across from one another at the door I opened, looking numbly into each others eyes searching for something to say.

After what seemed like hours all we could do was shake our heads side to side in disbelief, no words needed. When we did speak all we could muster was a whisper. I had pre-conceived idea of who they even voted for . It didn’t matter. The news was like getting news someone you knew died.

Later that night I went out to dinner to our favorite feed the pain Thai resteraunt. It was completely full with diners yet it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop (and it was carpeted). The same experience as I had at the door with the couple, the waiter even spoke just above a whisper. I think I started breathing again several days later.

The depression lasted a year (and to a great extent still is). I stopped watching the news and reading it. I felt such an overwhelming hopelessness for the first time in my life.

[Unwelcome Chancellor shoulder massages, stem cell research short-sightedness, seperatism, bigotry, greed, embarrassing blunders, blatant lies. Can it get worse? Maybe I’ll go back to Hall and Oates.] Not my America.


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