She’s a Maneater


I was thinking of HALL and OATES but I’ll get to that later.

I used to be amazed with the ability of art. To create something from nothing—something that someone else sees and has some effect on them.

It was an amazing privelege and it scared the shit outta me.

I’m think about the ways we communicate these days—instant and saturated. So many ways to make meaning and put things out in the world—and I DO MEAN THE WORLD.
Blogs, videos, community sites, IM, emails that get forwarded…and forwarded…and forwarded.—-what I say means nothing, but there I am putting something into the world and I have no idea who reads and and what they do with it.

I was on You Tube the other day watching a woman’s video of herself mouthing the words to HALL AND OATES MANEATER. It was a tight shot of her and he mouthing was perfectly in sync. Here’s this woman I still don’t know that in 3 minutes and my attention had left an indelible experience for me. I see the images and it is not in my visual vocabulary. Just like that. From her apartment to my laptop. And now it’s my experience. It exists for me and she doesn’t even know it. I gave my attention she gave me a memory. I never know what will hit me and why it has the reach for me it has. I love that about life. All the people and place that in an instant changes the way I see forever.

Then I was thinking of my experience of HALL AND OATES. Summer in Chicago. Driving down Lake Shore Drive with the window down on my way to a summer league basketball game we were playing in at DePaul. I was riding shot gun. Susie was in the back seat opposite me. We were teasing her because the hall and Oates tape she played over and over and over on the way to these games happily snapped one day. Noooooooooo she screamed. Yeeeeeeeeesssss we countered. Moments later her bathing suit came flying at my head and did what any saavy athlete would do. I ducked. And out the window flew Susie bathing suit tossing and turning behind us before it momentarily touched the ground of Lake Shore Drive before another car hit it, turned it back to flight and onward. I remember that mment frozen in time. Five of us silently looking out the back window before roaring with laughter. We laughed unprovoked in the middle of the game. On of us would ineviteably start laughing and without hesitation the rest would join in… well into the night and years later. Susie died not long after that, way before her time in 1984 at 25 years old. It is still one of my fondest memories of her…and us.

A woman simply singing Maneater by Hall and and Oats into a video camera.
Check it out.
Dancing like no one was watching. This huge smile on her face. I love it!

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