Friday July 14. 2006

10 days seeing California. I brought two books and never opened either up. I was consumed by the beauty and peace that surrounded me. The warmth of good friends andthe people in the northern California countryside and the serene vistas and warm breezes blowing warm air past me. I was back to a pace I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid growing up in Chicago, laying on the front lawn watch the breeze rustle the leaves of the old elm tree above me. Forgetting I had a body. Here is where I find the source and my absolute connection to the universe.

Northern California


2 thoughts on “Friday July 14. 2006

  1. i want to “see” your series “what i did this weekend” here. everytime i get a photo from you i make up my own stories but i want to hear it from you. you keep me inspired my friend.

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